Monday, 29 December 2008


While the memories are still fresh in my mind, some chimpanzee observations: Well first of all, they are so incredibly strong! Even the little ones, their strength is absolutely amazing. Considering these captive ones don't spend all their days swinging through the forest their muscles are amazing. If we wanted physiques like them I should imagine we would have to spend hours every day lifting weights and training really hard. How on earth do they have such strong and well-toned muscles?

And their hair - I always thought it would be soft, like ours, especially the babies. But no. It's strong and wirey - more like a dog's coarse coat. And some of them, when you look through their hair, their skin is very much like mine, quite a light colour, the same as me.

When you look into their eyes it is amazing. Such a look of recognition back. Such a look of "sameness", familiarity, of coming home. Stunning. They know. And I know that they know.

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