Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Had a lie-in. To my great relief didn't go to the toilet last night. Packed a bit. Left the house around 11am. Went to the Centre to take some last photos.

I ran Nature Club - the last one of the term before Christmas. The children finished making their finger puppets, then had fizzy drinks, then I performed a little puppet show, this time about Gah, a rescued chimpanzee who was shot in the spine and was paralysed in all his limbs when he was small. After intense therapy performed by the keepers and volunteers he regained the use of his arms and legs, albeit in a wobbly way. I then lead some games and finished by teaching the children how chimps move and talk to each other.

Afterwards we went to the cocktail bar for tea. Said goodbye to Ryan and Erica who own it, they are lovely. Jumped on a bike to get home and finished packing in the heat before taking a dustbin shower. Didn't see Fred, thank goodness. (Fred Scuttle the cockroach, who lives behind the dustbin in the toilet)

The last thing I did today was to go and see Little Monkey in the preuss enclosure. She was the smallest monkey there and looked up and saw me. Recognising me, she came over and chirruped and put out her little hands to me. I held them and felt sad, felt like crying. But she is in the best place for her (apart, of course, from the forest). I pray for her and love her.

After packing and washing I sat outside with Emily, Monica and Leisbet. They tried to stay up and wait with me but they managed it til 11.15, how sweet. Said my goodbyes.

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Maurice said...

I will miss your wonderful daily postings - in time you will only remember the best parts of your stay.