Saturday, 13 December 2008


Forgot to tell you all about living outside your usual, lovely, wonderful comofort zone. Well I am learning to do just that! The heat here is something else - it is all emcompassing, unrelenting HEAT and wet and humidity. I find if I make the slightest effort to do something or even THINK about doing something I get very very hot and very very wet...even your knickers...ew. Good job I have encountered this before, in Borneo, but then of course I wasn;t working in it. You can't open a window in the house as horrible bugs and mosquitos will fly in and devour your lovely white virgin foreign flesh. Fortunately there is mesh on our windows and they are louvred and open. but obviously it's not the same as flinging open a window wide.

then there is the water situation: you go for a shower, or to wash your hands, or to wash a plate - and there is no water! You either wait a few mins/hours for it to come back on or you use some water that you have previously saved in a bucket or dustbin.

We have worms and cockroaches in our house, so you are never alone...the cockroaches are HUGE and God only knows where these squirming worms come from.

I can't get my clothes really clean, but that's not too bad, as long as they are washed. But then there is the problem of drying them in case this horrible fly thing comes along and lays its eggs in your damp washing. The eggs then hatch out under your skin when you wear the garment...

I have rigged up a little washing line inside my wardroom for small items, like underwear. Not exactly a xmas garland, eh..?

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Deb Richardson said...

So fantastic to hear about all that you are doing - you're doing a wonderful thing, giving your love, energy and care to these special creatures. Well done you.


Deb R