Monday, 15 December 2008


Got back yesterday and had a chat with Patricia. Then her, me and Sandy went out up the dirt track onto the street to have some soya (on skewers, like satay sticks). You pay a boy who is cooking them and eat them at a wooden table on the street, under roofs made of banana leaf matting. I thought, wow, this is good soya! Until it was explained to me that soya around here is actually beef. We had a beer too and the African pop music was blaring and pulsating. On the way we passed makeshift shops which were small wooden shacks. One was a hairdresser's, full of old-fashioned big hair dryers. Sandy explained that the local women love to change their hairstyles frequently and that the salon would be open all night as it takes so long!

Started working on drills and mandrills (and baboons) today, with Victor. We started by sweeping out their cages, then Victor hosed them down (the cages, not the monkeys...) and I dumped the waste. This all took quite a while. Later we fed them their morning bananas. Was a bit scarey by the baboons as one of them threw a rock at me. Phew. After lunch we fed them a mixture of carrots, tomatoes, apples, etc, which they seemed to like.

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Maurice said...

Did you take your ketchup abroad with you?