Sunday, 14 December 2008


Hello all!

After the Nature Club went into town with Sandy and she showed me where to buy pasta. which was most helpful. She bought a DVD in the market and I took some pics until a man objected. Honestly! Then we met Patricia and Emily, Simone and Vim at a new outdoor bar. It's very pleasant there and it's run and owned by a lovely couple, Erica (from S Africa) and her husband Ryan, who is a local man. They made us very welcome with their wonderful cocktails. We also had some toast and toppings. It was lovely to see their little well-fed ginger cat, too. Erica kindly gave me some play balls for our cat, who is a bit lonely and needs something to play with. The others went on so that left me, Patricia and Sandy. Ryan then made us free cocktails, which was very sweet of him. They also sell art and crafts made by local people. I said Martin might be interested in the masks and carvings when he comes. I asked Erica if she could do us a good price...

We then went further into town by the sea front. We went to a crowded fish cafe. You choose your fish, which looks partially cooked, then they cook it and bring it to you down by the sea. The sea is brown which matches the brown volcanic sand. Unfortunately there is also a tide line of rubbish and the sea has waste dumped into it. But apparently you can get a taxi to a nearby nicer beach for not much money. So I would like to do that. I have also discovered that for just over a pound you can use the nearby hotel's pool, which will be lovely, as it is always so very hot here.

So we were served our fish and we ate it with our hands, though they do provide a bowl of water with which to wash your hands. The fish cost just over a pound each. Then I hopped on the back of a motorbike and went home whilst the other two stayed on for a drink.

Came home and spent some quality time with Little Monkey. Apparently she was rescued with another little boy monkey, but he died. Sandy said it was horrible, he died of tetanus and his whole body went rigid. So sad. But at least Little Monkey has made it! Apparently she has grown a lot in the intervening months since rescue. I think the man who shot her mother handed her in. He spun some story along the lines of he had just discovered her in the forest. She may be joining the group of Preuss monkeys tomorrow, where hopefully a female with adopt her and who will then carry her around as though she were her own baby.

Had a nice lie-in then washed from the dustbin as no running water again. Then me, Patricia and Sandy each hopped on the back of a motorbike and road in convoy up a dirt track past banana plantations to a hotel on the top of a hill, which overlooked Limbe and the sea. When you order a meal in Cameroon, or at least around here, they say you have to do so before you are hungry as you have to wait so long. About an hour.

After our meal we walked down the dirt track and managed to flag down a bush taxi which took us back into town. It was lovely and airy and breezy up the top of the hill.

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Maurice said...

Martin is going to need an extra suitcase to bring back the carvings!