Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Woke up and did some washing and also emptied the fly-ridden bin the in the kitchen and fed Mowgli the black cat. Honestly, we are living in squalor. Small insects crawling and jumping on my bed, worms squirming on the tiled floor, huge cockroaches on the kitchen surfaces, lack of cleaning materials, lack of water (no hot), flushless toilets, stifling heat - the list is endless.

Had some rehydration salts. It was comforting as they were made by the chemist where my sister works. Had 2 bananas and read and dozed.

At 4.30 Simone and Emily dropped by to see how I was and to see if I still wanted to go out tonight. I started to feint so lay on the floor.

Later I settled on the sofa with a magazine. Monica and Liesbet came in got ready to go out, minus Little Monkey. What a shock! She has been introduced to the rest of the preuss monkey group! It will be so much better for her. I pray that she will be safe, peaceful and happy. Dear little thing.

I am so excited. So excited to be going home on Sunday. It is wonderful. Can't wait to get on the plane.

In the evening started to despair as I went to the loo 3 more times, after a 12 hour gap. So I turned to Psalm 91 ("because she loves me I will deliver her") and I was ill no more.

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Maurice said...

Little Monkey sounds like a darling little puppet.