Thursday, 10 March 2011


We have been back for two weeks now from our amazing trip to Thailand. I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting details so I will be putting these up in the next few days. In the meantime take a look at this lovely pic and video

Jungle Jane

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Off On Another Adventure!

Oh wow such excitement, am off again very soon on another wildlife adventure. This time I won't be alone but will be accompanied by my very own Tarzan (Martin). I was going to go out on my own but I couldn't face it after the hard time I had last time in Cameroon. I didn't go into it much here but some of the people were not nice at all, most unpleasant. The animals were all great though

So this time we're going to - wait for it - Thailand! We are going to work with elephants. We start off in Chiang Mai which is in the north of the country and spend a couple of nights there, also taking in a city tour which will entail using several modes of transport with our personal guide. We are supposed to be walking and cycling amongst other things

Then we will make our way to the headquarters of the Elephant Nature Park Foundation where we will sign in and be taken the one hour's journey to the park itself to begin our week looking after our giant pachyderm friends. We shall be living in a bamboo hut amid the elephants, all of whom have been rescued from hardship and cruelty. Our duties include preparing their food, feeding and washing the jumbos in the local river. They have around 30 elephants at the moment and around 65 dogs too, so I reckon we will never be lonely!

Am packing the video camera as well as 2 dslr cameras and lenses plus my new underwater camera, not to mention M's camera too. So, you will all be able to share some (hopefully) amazing moments with us

We are also staying with a local tribe in the jungle before flying down south to the golden beaches where I have organised a 3 day snorkel trip. We will taken by speed boat to a desert island where we will stay and swim with turtles and baby sharks (if they turn up lol)

I am already planning next year and hopefully will be going to Zambia to work with chimps. Or perhaps South Africa to work with orphaned babboons. Not sure yet, but it will be with primates again. Life is short so do it while you can!